About SMC Trainers Malaysia


At SMC Trainers Malaysia, we believe that learning and development initiatives should bring impact.

We are nationally recognised company renowned for superior training modules delivered by an enviable team of highly qualified, accomplished and experienced trainers. To them, result matters.

As an authorised partner for UTM School of Professional and Continuing Education and Asia e University, we offer industry relevant talent development programs leading to Professional Diploma MBA. Besides that, we are also an approved training provider by Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund and smart partner of Scientific Management Associate Australia. This strategic partnership facilitates us to customise your training needs based on global best practices.

With more than 15 years of experience, our main objective is crystal. We want to make training as impactful as possible. Our Principal Consultant is an Accredited Competency Professionals (ACP) by the institute of Leadership Management of United Kingdom. He was a project team member of a successful multi-billion Ringgit New Generation Patrol Vessel for the Royal Malaysian Navy. His main scope of work was to analyse, design and deliver training to meet the competency requirement of the ship crew. 10 years of experience in this international project and various other projects, laid a great foundation for us deliver training that works. At SMC Trainers Malaysia, we have that formula.

Equipped with various success stories, credibility and sufficient ‘flying hours’ of our own, we are confident that our innovative approach will provide the solution to bridge the competency gap.

In summary, SMC Trainers has a proven track record in delivering top – notch results to corporate and government agencies. Our experience and resources are available at your disposal.

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High quality industry relevant programs through synergy of experienced practitioners and academicians.


Relevant personal and professional mastery to nurture successful individual and organisations.


Highly committed team to facilitate personal and professional growth.


  • The best version of you is yet to come. How do we know this?
  • For the last 15 years we facilitated hundreds of average Joes to become high achievers. From clerks to CEOs, operators to managers and wage earners to successful entrepreneurs. We have proven formulas and results to speak for.
  • We see potentials in you. Do you see what we see?